Members of NewSauce

Jessica Hong

Co-founder / Political News Editor

Hello! I’m Jessica and I’m in the class of 2025 at Chadwick International, Incheon. I am the co-founder and leader who first suggested the idea of creating this news media.

Sadie and I founded this student-led news media based on our objective of “creating national/international news for teens to raise awareness on critical issues in society and sharing the perspective of teens.” We hope our fellow teenagers could learn more and understand the world better through our weekly news.

Sadie Kim

Co-founder / Economic News Editor

My name is Sadie Kim, a rising junior in the class of 2025 at Chadwick International in Incheon, South Korea. I am the co-founder and leader of this club with Jessica.

As we were both interested in writing articles and reading news, we had come together to create a club that could share global happenings with society from a teenager’s perspective. I personally was interested in economics, which is why I decided to create weekly news on economic issues to further understand how the economy functions.

We hope not only our members could enhance their ability through writing news about their interests but also the viewers to be able to seek others’ opinions to make reasonable judgments.

Jamie Song

Media Director

Hi, I'm Jamie, a rising junior in the class of 2025 at Chadwick International in South Korea. As the media coordinator for our Newsauce team, I focus on enhancing the aesthetics of our posts and improving their readability. I really enjoy looking at graphic design content in my free time, which is what I hope to enhance while on this team. Stay tuned for our exciting content in the future!

Yoon Choi

Media Director

Hello! I'm Yoon.

Jenny Choi

Media Director

Hello, my name is Jenny Choi, and I am attending Chadwick International as a junior. I’m the social news editor and media director. I look forward to creating various engaging content through NewSauce. 

Yun Jang

Political News Editor

Hello, my name is Yun Jang, and I’m currently studying abroad in Pennsylvania as a sophomore. I’m the political news editor in NewSauce. I have always been interested in global issues and the roles of government that significantly impact the world in which we live. Due to the significance, I wanted to inform people about the political conditions. I am happy to pursue my goal in  NewSauce, creating articles to be delivered internationally in English. 

Ryan Lee

Social News Editor

Hi, I am Ryan and I am a member of the class of 2027 in Chadwick International. My hobbies are playing games, drawing, sleeping, and reading science articles, usually from NASA. As a Social News editor, I mainly write news articles about the social impacts of events around the world, such as war, migrant crisis, and protests.

Chloe Yu

Health News Editor

Hi my name is Chloe Yu, the health news editor for NewSauce. I am in the class of 2025 at Chadwick International Upper School. I listen to music or make playlists as a hobby, and I especially enjoy listening to R&B or foreign Hip-Hop songs. I am very thankful for working with people and as a health news editor. Thank you! 

Lucas Kim

Sports News Editor

Hi my name is Lucas Kim from Chadwick International an international school located in Incheon, South Korea. I am a junior currently who is taking part in the sports news department of NewSauce. I am a student athlete who wants to play college soccer in the future and I am using my passion toward sports and writing to take part in this community. As the newest member of NewSauce I will do my best to contribute in the best ways. Thank you!!!

Stella Kim

Website Manager

Hello! I'm Stella, the website manager of NewSauce. :)

Janice Lee


Hello! I'm Janice, the translator of NewSauce. :)

Taeyang Kim

Economic News Editor

Hello! I'm Taeyang.

Claire Kim

Science News Editor

Hello! I'm Claire.

Shine Kim

Health News Editor

Hello! I'm Shine.