Austin Lee’s “Passing Time” will be exhibited at the Lotte Museum of Art

Austin Lee’s “Passing Time” will be exhibited at the Lotte Museum of Art

The collection of works capture his inner emotions and are stylized by the lumpy texture and innovative color haze.

News Published 2023.12.02 | Woohui Kim

In recent years, Austin Lee has established himself as a prominent contemporary artist; He pioneered a new genre of visual art, fusing traditional painting styles with technologies like VR and AR. The Lotte Museum of Art (LMOA) is reportedly exhibiting his solo exhibition, “Passing Time,” which highlights over 50 of his signature cartoon-style paintings, sculptures, and videos. Notably, this is the first time his artwork is being exhibited in Seoul, South Korea.

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As an exhibition, “Passing Time” demonstrates Austin Lee’s growth as an artist. For example, the works reflect the changes in his emotions from his time of contemplating and reflecting upon human emotions. His creation process starts with simple digital 3D sketches, which are then transformed into airbrush-painted canvas art or life-size sculptures.

Park Han-sol, an art admirer and a news reporter, has said that when she steps into the hallway where Lee’s work is exhibited, she “feels like embarking on a roller coaster ride through emotions.” Indeed, Lee said that the blurred and dreamlike visuals capture his subconscious emotions, expressing feelings of happiness, sadness, and distress within an amorphous subject.

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Out of his works, a piece titled "Fountain'' will debut at the LMOA. This artwork depicts a figure lying facedown on a blue expanse, gazing towards the sky with arms outstretched, as a stream of water emerges from the mouth. With its intriguing and enigmatic allure, the sculpture sparks curiosity in the audience about the flowing water that appears to have replaced a pool of tears.

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Another noteworthy artwork is “Cry Baby,” which is Lee’s 2021 painting. It implies his brief career as an amateur boxer in high school. Interestingly, the boxer in the artwork is half-submerged in a body of water. Also, the boxer raises his arms above his head while weeping.

The artwork questions whether these tears resulted from a “triumphant celebration after a victorious match or a struggle to contain a wave of emotions after a defeat.” The museum said that only those who have experienced sadness in life can truly understand happiness.

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As the visitors approach the end of this mystical journey, the exhibition concludes on a delightful note with the animated piece titled "Flower Hill." The piece is bathed in a lemon hue, capturing flowers joyfully dancing on a grassy mound from sunrise to sunset. This lively spectacle not only signifies the unending passage of time but stirs the excitement for the upcoming New Year.

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Overall, Lee's "Passing Time" exhibition at the Lotte Museum of Art (LMOA) offers a fantastic opportunity for art enthusiasts keen on abstract pieces and those intrigued to witness Austin Lee's creations in person. For those who are interested, the "Passing Time" runs until December 31st at the Lotte Museum of Art.

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