Early Christmas Preparations: Department Stores Busy with Festive Decorations

Early Christmas Preparations: Department Stores Busy with Festive Decorations

At this early stage with 50 days left until Christmas, this is about department stores that are already decorating for Christmas. 

News Published 2023.11.16 | Taekyun Kong

(Photo: 더현대서울 - 외관)

The Christmas village at The Hyundai Seoul has been garnering significant attention even before its official unveiling. This year's Christmas village, spanning approximately 1000 square meters, features an enormous 11-meter Christmas tree, 16 shops, and 6000 lights, transforming it into a festive H Village. Anticipation for the grand unveiling reached unprecedented levels, with over 20,000 people flocking to the online page for the first-come, first-served reservations on October 30th. Such an overwhelming response even led to temporary website outages. 

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In addition to The Hyundai Seoul, another department store drawing tremendous attention for its Christmas decorations is the Shinsegae Main Store. This department store has been generating significant buzz both online and offline as a popular Christmas photo spot. The main reason for the widespread interest in Shinsegae Department Store is the massive outdoor screen displaying Christmas videos, creating a dazzling festive atmosphere that is sure to enchant visitors.

(Photo: 롯데백화점 - 크리스마스 테마 ‘소망’)

Hyundai and Shinsegae, renowned for their extravagant Christmas decorations, are not the only ones in the spotlight this holiday season. Lotte Department Store is set to unveil its Christmas decorations on the 3rd of this month, following in the footsteps of its competitors. According to Lotte Department Store, they collaborated with the famous novelist Jeong Serang and illustrator Julia Sarda Portabella to create a fairy-tale ambiance in their space. They shared that a child visiting the letter shop coincidentally encounters a Christmas fairy named Dotu, adding to the enchanting atmosphere. Notably, this year, Lotte Department Store has increased its window displays from 5 to 9, compared to previous years. The elaborate decorations will not be limited to the main store and Jamsil branch; they are planning to extend the festive ambiance to all 5 branches.

With these spots designated as photo-worthy on social media, the word of mouth generated is expected to boost customer traffic within the department stores, enabling them to capitalize on year-end festivities. Year after year, Christmas decorations in department stores are becoming increasingly opulent, and the season seems to arrive earlier each year.

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