Official Launch of Samsung’s Folding Cellphone Z5

Official Launch of Samsung’s

Folding Cellphone Z5

Exploring the hot potato trending in Korea, ZFlip series

News Published 2023.08.14 | Taekyun Kong

President of Samsung Electronics, Roh Tae-moon, unveiled the Galaxy Z Fold 5 At the “Galaxy Unpacking event” held at COEX in Gangnam-gu, Seoul on the 26th. 

Photo = Samsung Electronics)

On July 26, Samsung Electronics' new Z-series was unveiled. Unlike the previous U-shaped screen, Samsung Electronics' first new water drop hinge has been applied, and it is now attracting attention from many people as it returns more visually appealing with a cover screen – flex window – that is wider than the previous model. 

Promotional Photo of Galaxy Z-Flip 5 (Photo = Samsung Electronics)

After pre-booking, Samsung Electronics officially released the Galaxy Z-Flip 5 and Fold 5 on August 11. Samsung also released the Galaxy Watch 6 series and the Galaxy Tab S9 series. Earlier, Samsung received substantial recognition when it announced its unpack in Seoul for the first time to unveil Galaxy's new products. It seems to have received especially more recognition because it is a new product of Z Flip 3 and 4, which was loved by many people. Samsung Electronics said that the pre-sales of Samsung's Z Flip 5 and Fold 5 are 1.7 times more than their previous models’, meeting the high expectations.

Promotional Photo of Galaxy Z-Fold 5 (Photo = Samsung Electronics)

Samsung Electronics is currently offering various benefits to domestic customers who purchase new products until the 30th of next month. Currently, customers who purchase the Galaxy Z-flip and Fold 5 can receive a "Samsung Care Plus Damage Guarantee One-Year Ticket," but if they wish to receive another benefit, they can choose one of the 100,000 won coupons that can be used at the event mall. As another benefit, customers who buy Watch 6 receive a 30,000 won coupon for watch accessories that can be used at the event mall.

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