Improving US recession,
but still concerned

Improving US recession, but still concerned

The improving situation of America recession and the consequences to the citizens 

News Published 2024.01.10 | Sadie Kim 

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"The Consumer Confidence Index — a leading economic indicator of households’ future spending and saving patterns — jumped to a reading of 110.7 this month from a downwardly revised 101 in November”. This reflects the improving condition of businesses and job availability from the US recession. 

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Consumers are confident that the stock market would remain steady and the interest rates would not drastically increase - as the Federal Reserve has signaled the possibility of rate cuts in 2024. The unemployment rate, the price for a gallon of gasoline, and the stock market are moving in the right direction of late.

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Although fears for recession have dropped along with the inflation rate during the past 18 months, elevated prices on such goods continue to pressure households. Even the interests in politics, interest rate, and global conflicts are shifting to rising prices for the concerned consumers. 

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