The effect of Gazar War on the West Bank’s economy

The effect of Gazar War on the West Bank’s economy

Analysis of the effect of the Gazar war on the West Bank’s economy.

News Published 2023.01.23 | Sadie Kim

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It has been 4 months since the Gaza war broke out since the October of 2023. The West Bank, located in the country of Israel, is in tatters within their economy. “The World Bank has estimated the West Bank's GDP could fall by six percent this year, while the International Labour Organization said 32 percent of jobs have already been lost”. Many Palestinians have been unemployed from the West Bank, left with no source of income to survive. 

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The Palestinians economy was already dependent upon Israel before the war, but the seriousness is even intensifying. Based on the Oslo Accords of the 1990s, it was agreed that a political status quo would be maintained and Palestinians were promised economic development. However, this status quo was “undermined by Israel's colonization of the West Bank", which rather hindered Palestinian economic development.

“I am tired, tired, just tired of all this, of the politicians who fight while the people die of hunger,” she told Reuters. “This can’t go on anymore,” said Patricia Quiroga. 

Further solutions should be announced soon for the sake of the country and the citizens. 

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