Destinations for Gaza Strip Refugees in the Wake of Israel-Hamas Conflict

 Destinations for Gaza Strip Refugees in the Wake of Israel-Hamas Conflict

Investigation of the aftermath of the Israel-Hamas war and the resulting impact on civilians

News Published 2023.10.24 | Jeongyun Jang

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On the 7th Day last month, Hamas Launched Over 5,000 Missiles from Gaza Strip, surprising Israel with a Sneak Attack. Simultaneously, Hamas Ground Forces Infiltrated Israel, marking the Start of the War. They breached the barrier near the Gaza Strip and initiated a full-scale confrontation, resulting in horrific casualties with thousands of civilians injured and killed.

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On October 8, 2023, Israel officially declared war on Hamas and armed groups. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu emphasized the use of all means to prevent civilian casualties despite international concerns about the war. However, he expressed anger, stating that unlike Israel, Hamas is waging a war without regard for civilian casualties, using Palestinian civilians as human shields.

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