Suspicion of Prosecution's Illegal Inspection of Civilians

Suspicion of Prosecution's Illegal Inspection of Civilians

Investigating the conflict of the president's call for the resignation of Han Dong-hoon, chairman of the People's Power Emergency Measure Committee. 

News Published 2024.04.05 | Jessica Hong

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The Democratic United Party of Korea, a proportional representative satellite party of the Democratic Party of Korea, filed a complaint with the high-ranking officials' criminal investigation office, saying the prosecution is illegally inspecting civilians while collecting and managing electronic information outside the scope of the search warrant while investigating the "President Yoon coverage verification.” As a result, suspicions have been raised that the prosecution has systematically, and on a large scale, preserved electronic information including personal privacy information of various people involved in various cases. This information was stored since 2016 in "Dnet," the management server of the Supreme Prosecutors' Office.

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The allegations were made public by the revelation of news bus reporter Lee Jin-dong on the 21st. In 2011, the reporter reported on President Yoon's alleged cover-up of the investigation into the loan corruption of Busan Savings Bank, in which a prosecutor and his home and office were raided for defamation of President Yoon. The reporter filmed the investigative prosecutor's "command" official document while observing the process of confiscating electronic information 12 times since December last year. The official document stated to preserve "a file that duplicates all the electronic information stored in the information storage medium." When CEO Lee protested and asked to delete the collected information, the prosecution issued a confirmation that it had "deleted from the denet" and notified that it would "delete stored mobile phone information." 

Rep. Kim Eui-gyeom of the Democratic United Party of Korea said in a press conference on the same day, "They were using illegally stacked computer file cabinets to use them as a scary blade for the prosecution's dictatorship," while Rep. Yong Hye-in strongly criticized the illegal surveillance of civilians by political prosecutors behind President Yoon, stating, "The illegal surveillance of civilians by the political prosecution is confronting the rule of law order in Korea." Cho Kuk, the leader of the Cho Kuk Innovation Party, also asserted in a press conference, "The truth of the prosecution's illegal surveillance tool 'Dnet' has been revealed," adding, "The Cho Kuk Innovation Party will push for a parliamentary investigation into the allegations of illegal civilian inspections by the prosecution with the opposition party, including the Democratic Party of Korea, in the 22nd National Assembly." 

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