U.S. Government’s Support for Israel: Impact on the 2024 Presidential Election

U.S. Government’s Support for Israel: Impact on the 2024 Presidential Election

In October, the Biden administration officially declared support for Israel in the Israel-Hamas conflict. How will this announcement impact Biden's 

chances of re-election?

News Published 2024.01.05 | Jessica Hong

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Last October, Biden criticized Hamas's attacks on Israel and promised strong support. Biden denounced Hamas's surprise attacks as 'unconscionable' and 'unjust,' officially announcing support for Israel. As the 2024 presidential election approaches, President Joe Biden's declaration of support has sparked controversy among American voters.

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On the 22nd(local time) Yahoo News and polling firm YouGov revealed the results of a survey conducted from the 14th to the 18th of this month, targeting 1,533 American adults. Among Democratic supporters or those leaning towards the Democratic Party in the moderate middle-aged 45 and under, 42% expressed disapproval of the Biden administration's approach to handling the conflict between Israel and Palestine. In contrast, 41% indicated support for the Biden administration's actions. These divergent responses suggest a discordance between the traditional diplomatic approach of the U.S. government towards Israel and the sentiments of young Democratic supporters.

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This divided public opinion is predicted to have an adverse impact on President Biden's re-election. It remains unclear whether the voters who supported Biden in the last election will choose Trump after the Israel-Hamas conflict, creating an uncertain situation.

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