Migrant crossings in December 2023 reach monthly record high as over 300,000 migrants attempt to cross the southern US border

Migrant crossings in December 2023
reach monthly record high as over 300,000 migrants attempt to cross the southern US border

Over 300,000 migrants have been identified by southern US border officials, which is the highest number ever recorded

News Published 2024.01.11 | Ryan Lee 

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Over 300,000 undocumented migrants have been trying to cross the US-Mexico border in December 2023, which is a record monthly high number of migrant crossings in the southern border of the US. This surpasses the previous monthly high record of September 2023, when approximately 270,000 migrants have been identified by the US border officials. Migrant issues in the US have become noticeably severe, to the point where even cities far from the southern border are having difficulties managing the sudden influx of migrants. Eric Adams, mayor of New York City, has stated that the influx of migrants will cost the city about $12 billion over the next three years. He has also discussed the possibility of the negative impacts that could happen once the city fails to manage the migrants. These include forced cutbacks of education, police department, and resources for elders. 

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Biden’s immigration policy has also been unsuccessful in the recent months, as officials lacked the manpower and resources to handle the increased influx of migrants. This is well-shown in the immigrant court system, where less than a thousand judges are currently managing 3 million pending cases in total. Each case could take years to complete, and the number of pending cases have been rapidly increasing over the past few months.

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It is evident that issues relating to migrants are currently greatly impacting the US. What causes the migrants to cross this border, and what caused the sudden increase in the number of illegal border crossings? One of the reasons for December’s increase in border crossings is the Venezuelan arrivals. Approximately 50,000 Venezuelans who tried to cross the border without authorization were identified by the border patrol, which is more than twice as many compared to November, when 23,000 Venezuelans arrived.

The main reasons why immigrants come to the United States are usually to improve their financial situation, get a better job or education, and seek safety. Some of the regions where migrants emigrate from are known to be highly insecure. For example, Venezuela’s capital, Caracas, is well-known for its extremely high crime rate. This also applies to Juárez, a Mexican city directly touching the southern border of the US, which is also well-known due to the notorious drug cartels.

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