Amateur Golfer "Nick Dunlap" Claims Victory on PGA Tour, Following in the Footsteps of Golf Legend 'Tiger Woods'

Amateur Golfer "Nick Dunlap" Claims Victory on PGA Tour, Following in the Footsteps of Golf Legend 'Tiger Woods'

Amateur Victory ≠ Surprise

News Published 2024.02.23 | Lucas KIm 

In the PGA Tour, 20-year-old amateur player Nick Dunlap secured a victory, marking the first win by an amateur in 33 years since Phil Mickelson (53). In a post-victory interview, Dunlap expressed his vigorous feelings.

"Today's victory felt destined, whether I shot a 70, a 65, or a 75, I was prepared to give it my all."

The 2024 season consists of a total of 39 matches, as announced by the PGA Tour. Among them, in the third tournament hosted by the American financial services company 'American Express' titled 'The American Express,' 20-year-old Nick Dunlap clinched victory, hitting a total of 259 strokes over the course of four days.

In the history of the PGA Tour, experiencing victory as an amateur since 1950 has been a rare feat, achieved by only four players. The achievement of Nick Dunlap, a sophomore at the University of Alabama, in securing an amateur victory, a milestone not seen since Phil Mickelson in 1991, has generated worldwide excitement among golf fans, marking a remarkable moment in PGA Tour history.

Amid various reactions to his recent victory, a closer look at Nick Dunlap's amateur career reveals that his triumph is no accident. 

Dunlap, who clinched victories at the 2021 US Junior Amateur Championship and the 2023 US Amateur Championship, has an impressive record. This achievement is a feat previously held only by golf legend Tiger Woods (48), often mentioned as one of the greatest players in history.


Looking back at the 2023 US Amateur Championship, Dunlap initially faced challenges but bounced back. Examining his performance from the early struggles to advancing to the match play main event and ultimately securing the victory, one can draw parallels between Dunlap's early career and the early days of Tiger Woods.

It is not the first time Dunlap has participated in tournaments as an amateur. Although he showcased a high level of skill in the 2022 and 2023 Major Championships (US Open) and last November's PGA Tour Bermuda Championship, unfortunately, he fell short of making the cut. However, in this tournament, he displayed exceptional prowess on the third day with a score of -12 under par, maintaining a strong momentum throughout and ultimately securing the victory.

Despite securing a spot in the PGA Tour with this recent victory, it appears that Dunlap is inclined to continue his collegiate athletic career rather than immediately transitioning to the professional circuit. This decision may stem from the necessity of maintaining amateur status to participate in the remaining Major Championships such as 'The Open,' 'PGA Championship,' and 'The Masters.'

Even though Dunlap may not immediately transition to the professional ranks this season, as long as he turns professional within 30 days after the conclusion of the 2024 season, there would be no hindrance for him to become an official member of the PGA Tour in the subsequent 2025 season. 

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