Korean footballer Hwang sex scandal: leakage of private videos and accusations

Korean footballer Hwang Sex Scandal: Leakage of Private Videos and Accusations

Full analysis of a sex scandal of a Korean professional footballer

News Published 2023.07.03 | Minsung Kim

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“On June 25th 2023, a social media post containing false rumors was uploaded by a person who claims to have been my girlfriend. In terms of my private life, I have never engaged in any illegal acts.” Hwang, South Korean professional footballer, said in a handwritten note.

On the 25th, the woman in question had created a social media post containing explicit pictures and videos featuring Hwang and other women. The woman accused Hwang of psychological abuses and claimed that Hwang had slept with several women, only to dump them later.

In response, Hwang denied all alleged illegal acts and abuses claimed by the woman. In addition, Hwang, along with officials from South Korean national football team, pledged full cooperation with legal authorities in order to seek legal punishments towards the individuals involved in this scandal.

In the meantime, there have been rising concerns of secondary victimization of Hwang through the circulation of his private videos on various social media such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

(Photo = 국민일보(KMIB))

The screenshot of a Twitter feed above suggests that although the private videos of Hwang had been deleted on social media, they are currently being sold by several social media users who had access to the videos before they had been deleted. The korean statements shown in the screenshot above are translated as “Selling Hwang Ui-Jo videos for 7000 KRW”, “Selling Hwang Ui-Jo videos; send me a DM and I’ll show proofs”, etc.

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